49 seconds are not enough


Complete Discography

49 Second Romance (Disco Mix) / Nice

Wild Youth (SV1) - 1981

Although it's a live album recorded June 17th 1981 at SO36, the two P1/E tracks  were recorded in the studio. Vocals by Hirsch and Borsig

49 Second Romance

Denshi Zatsuon #9 - 2010

From Japan With Love is a Japanese  electro magazine that comes with 2 CD. One with European and one with Japanese bands.

49 Second Romance (Mark Reeder Reconstruction)


DEF Media - 2015

Soundtrack of the film "B-Movie - Lust & Sound in Berlin". Mark Reeder did a 5.1 surround sound rework. Available as Vinyl, CD and DVD.

49 Second Romance

ZickZack (ZZ2040) - 2015

Compilation for the exhibition "Geniale Dilletanten" from the Goethe Institute.  The album, compiled by Alfred Hilsberg, was only available in the museum shops.

Up And Above / Up And Above Dub

Strut Records (STRUT196) - 2018


German Post Punk album compiled by JD Twitch available as double vinyl and CD

49 Second Romance (Weltklang Remix)


Vinyl Factory (VF170) - 2016

Brilliant double vinyl / CD  compilation that also features Tuxedomoon, Throbbing Gristle and Front 242

49 Second Romance (Powell Remix)

Vinyl Factory (VF219) - 2016


Great Remix by Oscar Powell. Limited Edition 180 gr. vinyl

49 Second Romance / Dependence


Electro Emotions (EE002) - 2008

Ukrainian CD compilation with all Exil System tracks

The legendary SO36 concert plus all studio recordings


Vinyl On Demand (VOD16) - 2005

Complete P1/E collection at the time of the release. Back then it was the fastest selling record on Vinyl On Demand

49 Second Romance



Monitorpop (CDHW065-1) - 2005

Soundtrack of a Berlin Underground  1978-1984 short film compilation feat. all relevant Acts

49 Second Romance /  Dependence

49 Second (Weltklang Remix)


Vinyl On Demand (VOD9) - 2004

Complete Exil  System Label Compilation with P1/E, Hits Berlin, Weltklang und Voburka

49 Second Romance



Höllenfeuer (001) - 1999

Dark Wave compilation from the Abby Club in Stuttgart

49 Second Romance (feat. Ziggy XY)


Jelinski & Buttgereit - 1996

VHS release of the SO36 90 minutes documentary with the late Incredibly Hagen Liebing telling his story of the legendary P1/E concert.

49 Second Romance 



Sub Terranean  (A31) - 1996

They did it again. Pirate release. Nobody asked. There will be a time for justice! We will get you.

49 Second Romance 


Sub Terranean (SPV 83.38932) - 1994

Pirate Release. Nobody asked and we   gave no permission. In 2020 they put a digital release on Bandcamp but we forced them to take the P1/E track off.

49 Second Romance 



Zensor (ZS115) - 1991

CD Compilation with Berlin Bands  from 1979-1984 compiled by Burkhard Seiler for his Zensor Label.

Cataract /Grain Machine / Felukkafahrt / Chelsea Girl / Trust

Wild Youth (WYD003) - 2020

Digital Release. 5 Track EP recorded at Nile Studio Aswan / Egypt. Vocals on Felukkafahrt by Saoudi.

49 Seconds in Cairo

Wild Youth (WYD001) - 2020

Digital release. The track is an Arabic version of 49 Second Romance recorded during lockdown in Aswan. Vocals by Marwan Youssef.


Reflektor (60.459) - 1981

Soundtrack Album of the Carl Schenkel Film "Kalt wie Eis". The track was used in the only sex scene in the movie.

Up and Above / Up And Above Dub

Monogam (006) - 1980

Recorded for the Monogam Compilation. Vocals by Hirsch and Droste. Engineered by Frank Osterland with a lot of weed and Angelos Aufreizer.

49 Second Romance / Dependence

Exil System (SCH 1-80) - 1980

Vocals by Thomas Voburka. White inside sleeve with false stamp. There was no special edition with handpainted cover, even if Discogs says so. Dependence Vox Ute Droste



Eisengrau (FE 1007) - 1980


Cassette release from 1980. The track listing says A7 P1/E. It's probably more Alex Hacke aka Borsig solo. Too long ago to know.

49 Second Romance / Dependence

Wild Youth (WYDC01) - 2020


Lathe Cut, 7", Clear Vinyl, 45 RPM, signed

Limited Edition of 10 Records

49 Seconds In Cairo

Wild Youth (WYDC02) - 2020

Lathe Cut, 7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, Stereo, Black Vinyl, signed


Limited Edition of 10 Records

von Brauchitsch (Kompressor) / von Brauchitsch (Schummelsoftware)

Wild Youth (WYD010) - 2021

Digital release. 2 track single with von Trips Remixes

von Trips (Sharknose) / von Trips (Qualifying)

Wild Youth (WYD008) - 2021

Digital release. 2 track single dedicated to Graf Berghe von Trips