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von Trips

The new P1/E single "von Trips (Sharknose)" ia now available for download and Streaming


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Aeronautica vs Weltklang Remix

Thomas Voburka did a brand new video for the 49 Second Romance remix by Weltklang vs Aeronautica


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von Brauchitsch

P1/E Remixes "von Brauchitsch (Schummelsoftware)" are now available on Bandcamp


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Dependence (Hysteric Edit)

Melbourne-born George Hysteric is a jack-of-all-trades and master of many genres. Now he has created a rework of Dependence and takes the song to a new level.


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P1/E is back

If the pandemic has anything good about it, it is that it releases creative forces that flushes back to the surface what has long been thought lost. P1/E spent the first months of the lockdown in Aswan, Egypt and is now back to release new music.

Nice Review in The Vinyl Factory - Initially released in 1980, P1/E’s ’49 Second Romance’ takes on a completely different and new identity. A new, Arabic version of the song has emerged after being produced and programmed in Aswan, Egypt. There are moments in the track where you’re expecting a drop to arrive, but it never does, and it’s that anticipation that is most alluring. Although the Berlin-based group split not long after the original’s release, ’49 Seconds in Cairo’ is testament to the idea that, metaphorically, artists and their music can still evolve, long after figuratively leaving us. – JB



P1/E Collectors Item went Top 10


49 Seconds in cairo

49 Second Romance (The Remixes)

A 49 Second Romance remix album will be out in the summer 2022. The album features remixes by Aeronautica, Bass Disposal, DIN A Testbild, Egoprisme, Erik Söderberg, Fantomas, Hipless, Mängelexemplar, Mono 45, P 1/E, The Tuts and more to come. The original 7inch version and the Disco Mix will also be on the album. Wild Youth Digital will offer a digital release and a limited edition of 150 coloured vinyl.